In just 1 week, you can increase your 40-yard time.

Do you or your athletes have the ability to improve their running speed in a single week? Many parents and coaches call to offer help. The same thing happened a couple of weeks ago. The father of high-school football players called to tell me that he wanted his son’s performance at a upcoming combine in the forty-yard dash improved. Come and visit our website search it on you can learn more. The following is the timeline of events:

The first week of college football: Each Thursday, Friday and Saturday: Four camps/combines. One camp/combine per day, plus driving. Best hand-time: 4.72 or 4.73 seconds.

Week 2: Active Rest Monday to Wednesday

Thursday: our first meeting. The athlete’s hand speed was 4.92 that day. It is clear that his last 20 yards are excellent. However, the first 20 could be improved.

Friday: 1,000m tempo run, hot/cold baths, massage

Saturday: Acceleration Work. Sprints against resistance with two sprints in between. The first 20 meters is 0.01 seconds quicker than the Thursday ….Hot/cold bath, massage

Sunday: Massage, simple skill patterns, hot/cold water shower, 800m tempo run,

A scheduling conflict forced us to meet in the evening. The rest period was extended to more than 48 hours. Then, 2 sprints of 20 yards each. It is best to be at least 0.1 seconds quicker than on Saturday. The best time is 0.1 seconds faster than Saturday.

Tuesday: Bench press heavy (athletes maximum is 275). 2 sets of 2 240lbs at a time, shower hot/cold, and massage as required.

Wednesday: Combine day. Hand-start 4.70, finished electronically (4.6 hands time). Vertical jumped an additional 2 inches.

Different methods of timing can have a significant impact on the final time. The goal was to have a hand time under 4.70. It was simple to plan the athlete’s week once I had talked to him for some time to get a better understanding of his training and how the combined went.

The athlete in this case was very overtrained after the travels and combined. The only thing we worked on was mechanics and recovering. It worked really well.