You can help yourself by giving me some hobbies and positive thoughts

List me hobbies that will fulfill my creative need. You?

Do you feel like an artist but can’t get out of your box? Does it say that there are special rules you must follow before you even think about creating art yourself? The positive attitude is the main theme in the news this week. You should consider that when you are putting together your list of hobbies.

Define it next as your way of having fun and playing. Ten tips for positive thought could be interpreted as the many different forms of art. Perhaps you do not need a positive thinking hypnosis CD, but a sense of playfulness as well as a variety of tools and materials for artists. This is why it’s good to have a variety of hobbies and different toys. They bring back your inner child.

What causes you to feel inspired, happy or sad? It is important to remember that we are each unique and different. We may be inspired by something one day, but not another. Positive thinking is often overlooked. As artists, I am including you. We get frustrated at times.

Why didn’t it work today but yesterday? UG huh?

There is a hope that there will be a magical formula. There is one, right? You could say that. All of us are different, and we must all find our special thing. Playfulness is the one commonality.

One thing music does is inspire. The music can be used to inspire you. You can either dance or listen. There are many positive emotions that music can inspire.

Stories, poems, thoughts and a journal are all things I constantly write. Write a short story or a poem to get some great ideas for illustrations.

One single leaf is truly amazing – if you look closely at it. And WE are even more awesome! So, how’s that for staying positive? To remind yourself of miracles every day, you can put the leaves in a book or dry them.

Find color. It used to be that I painted without much color. Then a good friend of mine told me the importance of using color. I must have heard it on a day when I was most open to hearing. I then started adding colors like mad. It’s important to me that I use every colour I own, no matter how small. Colours are wonderful.

Matisse once said, “Feel all the colors”.

If you want to be creative or artistic, then rest in the fact that it is possible. Your are! You are! Then practice! The desire to be creative is something we are born with, but it’s hard work.

Drawing constantly will help you develop your intuition. Leonardo da Vinci was always carrying a notebook with him. You can draw whenever you get 3 minutes. Anything goes. Draw your toe or a leaf.

Ask questions. This is another da Vinci tip. Ask questions.

Imagine how lucky you are to live in this day. Google it, send me a list with hobbies you enjoy, or write your own plan of 10 tips to help you think positively.