The Care and Maintenance of Your Vending Machine

Like refrigerators, vending machine coils require regular cleaning and maintenance. Heaters in vending machine contain boilers which need decaling. Come and visit our website search it on you can learn more.

It is also important for the technical safety of your machine. The machine must be protected against the growth of mold. Food left inside vending machines for long periods of time can lead to bacteria growth.

If you want to purchase vending machines, make sure to keep them in good condition. It is possible to avoid costly repairs by performing regular maintenance. This will allow your company to flourish as it reduces the costs of repairs.

Coil Cleaning Solutions for Refrigerated Vending Machines

Dust, dirt, lubricant, and other particles that accumulate on coils can cause vending machines to stop cooling. The unit will have to work more because the obstructions in air flow cause it to be less efficient. Cleansing the coils increases heat transfer efficiency, and helps reduce stress to the cooling system. Regularly check coils for accumulation. The Department of Environmental Protection in Florida states that most units need to be cleaned at least once a month. Even a thin film of accumulation can reduce efficiency.

A vacuum cleaner may remove dust from coils if they only have a very thin layer of dirt and are not stuck on the coils. You can use a variety of tools to get rid of the dust. You can choose a dusting tool to allow for easy access in hard-to reach places.

It is necessary to use a detergent in order to lift the grime and dirt on the coils before heavier deposits are made. Select a foaming soap that prevents mildew growth, mildew smells and mold.
How to Descale Heated vending Machines

To minimize the mineral buildup inside heated vending devices (coffee, cappuccino or espresso machines), descale them on a schedule. Descaling on a regular basis is more effective than descaling aggressively. This can lead to blockages, and other issues, as the process of descaling may break down the scale instead of dissolving it. In addition to affecting the taste, this scale can clog up valves and lines. Restricted water flow may affect machine operation, leading to expensive repairs and replacement.

You can use biodegradable cleaning products from trusted brands to remove lime, rust or calcium from heating equipment. The cleaner can be used on plastic, rubber, iron, steel brass and copper.

It is important to consult the manufacturer about the correct procedure for descalement, as well as the safest cleaning and descaling agents to use.